Northampton husband sent nude picture of estranged wife to her father for not returning £5,000 and Gucci handbag

'The day he took me away from me through shaming me and his need for control is the moment my life started to fall apart and did because of him'

Wednesday, 29th September 2021, 8:45 am

A Northampton husband shamed his estranged wife by sending a nude picture of her to her father after weeks of harassment over £5,000 and a Gucci handbag.

The 31-year-old, who this newspaper has decided not to name to protect the victim, sent her the gifts after their arranged marriage broke down but started to incessantly call and email her when she refused to get back together or return them.

He eventually threatened to send her father the compromising photo and did so anyway, leaving her 'unable to look her father in the eye'.

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Northampton Crown Court

Her Honour Judge Rebecca Crane sentenced him to 10 months in prison, suspended for two years, at Northampton Crown Court today (Tuesday, September 28).

"This caused significant distress and had a considerable particular impact on her life and work and continues to do so," the judge told him.

Andrew Peet, prosecuting, explained the defendant and the victim's marriage broke down after two years.

The defendant gave her the cash and handbag to show his commitment but she refused to get back together so he demanded them back.

However the woman said they were part of his dowry and also refused to return them, so he started to 'torture' her by emailing her with abusive messages.

The defendant would also call her, including from withheld numbers so she could not block him, adding to her distress.

Police warned the man to stop after his wife reported him to them but his behaviour only escalated as he threatened to shame her by sending the picture of her in lingerie to her dad.

Mr Peet said this 'could not be taken more seriously', within the context of her Muslim community, and would cause her the utmost distress.

The defendant made the threat multiple times before giving her a deadline to return the money - but he had already sent the photograph.

The victim told the court through tears: "If he feels guilty, that's a prison he's built for himself and it must be a disgusting place to live but it's a fortress compared to his actions against me.

"The day he took me away from me through shaming me and his need for control is the moment my life started to fall apart and did because of him."

She said she cannot look her father in the eye since he saw the photograph, which he did not deserve as he was so proud of her before that he would call her 'his son'.

The victim said she has been diagnosed with depression since the ordeal as well as unable to eat properly, suffering nightmares and feeling constantly ashamed of herself.

"I'm a practising Muslim, I'm not perfect and I never will be as that's the essence of being human," she said.

"I'm so sad he took advantage of my struggle for identity and inner conflict of being a British-Afghan Muslim - I'm disgusted I ever allowed him to touch me."

Gabrielle Compton, defending, said it was an 'extremely unfortunate and very sad situation' as at the heart of it is a broken-down marriage and her client 'regrets' his 'completely unacceptable' behaviour.

Judge Crane sentenced the defendant to eight months in jail for sending the photograph and two months consecutively for the harassment, both suspended.

The defendant will also have to complete 80 hours of unpaid work and was given a three-year restraining order to prevent him from contacting the victim.