Northampton doctor and wife awarded verdict of not guilty after CPS drops fraud case

A statement from the couple read: "Dr. Colin and Mrs. Susan Wilson have consistently protested their innocence to the charges which they faced"

Wednesday, 3rd February 2021, 7:17 pm
Northampton Crown Court
Northampton Crown Court

A husband and wife who say they have spent three years trying to clear their name of an allegation of fraud were awarded a verdict of not guilty after the case was dropped.

Dr Colin Wilson and his wife Susan, both of Raynsford Road, Northampton, last month pleaded not guilty after they were charged with allegedly defrauding £48,790 from his sister.

Now, the couple have been found not guilty in a ruling by Her Honour Judge Adrienne Lucking at Northampton Crown Court today (Wednesday, February 3) following a review of the case.

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Speaking in court, the Crown Prosecution Service stated: "The circumstances of this case, the Crown submits, does not warrant a prosecution."

The couple's defence barrister Mr Quentin Hunt said in a statement issued to this newspaper: "Dr. Colin and Mrs. Susan Wilson have consistently protested their innocence to the charges which they faced.

"They are delighted that the CPS have seen sense and decided to drop the case against them.

"The entering of Not Guilty verdicts by the court today marks the culmination of a long ordeal that began more than three years ago during which time they have never ceased to fight to clear their good names."

The judge also passed a five-year non-conviction restraining order against Mr and Mrs Wilson not to contact his sister.

Mr Hunt said: "The only court order that was made, by agreement between the parties, was a non-conviction restraining order against both defendants which will last for five years and will prohibit them from contacting the complainant in the matter who is a family member.

"This order was not opposed by Dr and Mrs Wilson and is normal in such cases, even upon acquittal.

"It represents an effort by all concerned to make sure that there can be no further allegations of unpleasantness and that harmony within the family is maintained."

The couple appeared over live video link from their home rather than attending in person.