No money recovered from eight criminals who stole combined worth of £686,000 in goods and tools across Northamptonshire

Two separate groups of thieves who stole a collected total £686,000 in goods from across Northamptonshire say they are not able to pay back any of what they stole.

By Alastair Ulke
Tuesday, 4th February 2020, 5:46 pm
Updated Wednesday, 5th February 2020, 10:51 am

A series of 'proceeds of crime hearings' were heard at Northampton Crown Court yesterday (February 4) to order two groups of Northamptonshire criminals to pay for what they stole.

They included the four men of Devlin family, plus a 17-year-old boy who can't be named, who were convicted last year for conspiring to systematically steal some £86,000 worth of tools and goods from vans in the county.

There was also a hearing for three Lithuanian men who were jailed last year for stealing more than £600,000 worth of car parts from BMWs across Northamptonshire.They include costs of £27,500 for two offenders in the 'Devlin family' case, and £8,000 for one member of the trio in the BMW thefts case.

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Top left and top middle: James Devlin and Jimmy Devlin. And bottom row: Vitalijus Belovas, Vitalijus Belovas and Ramunas Radzevicius.

But in both hearings yesterday, it was ruled none of the eight men in either cases are able to pay any money back through the proceeds of crime act.

It means they were ordered to pay a "nominal" £1.

The outstanding debt will be held above the offenders until it has been fully repaid, and is listed as a "benefit amount" to the court. This recovery can also come from future assets and income.

Last year, four men from the Devlin family plus a teenager were sentenced over the scheme to steal car parts.

The orders yesterday included:

- Jimmy Devlin, aged 19, of Dunroamin Park. Benefit amount of £27,569.27.

- A 17-year-old boy, who cannot be named. Benefit amount of £27,569.27.

- James Devlin, aged 50, of Dunroamin Park. Benefit amount £370.90.

- Hughie Devlin, aged 26, of Staples Road, Bristol. Benefit amount of £1,340.97.

- Noel Devlin, aged 38, of Dunroamin Park. Benefit amount of £1668.16.

Meanwhile, in the case of the three men who stole BMW parts, two of three men have been deported to Lithuania and the third will be deported later this year.

They are:

- Vitalijus Belovas, aged 41. Full benefit amount of £8,000.

- Vitalijus Bakutis, aged 39. Nominal order of £1 made.

- Ramunas Radzevicius, aged 26. Nominal order of £1 made.

In the case of all of the eight men above, a nominal order of £1 was made. Their outstanding debt will be held against them..