No Easter eggs for this bunch ... just prison food for Northamptonshire villains jailed in March

Crimes include attempted murder, assaulting a pregnant woman and robbing a man in his 60s of £38,000 in cash

Friday, 2nd April 2021, 3:42 pm
A string of offenders from Northamptonshire were convicted at crown courts during March. Photos: Northants Police

No Easter Eggs for this lot — just a few doses of prison food.

Faces of 18 killers, thugs, thieves and drug-dealers convicted during March for crimes across in Northamptonshire and now detained at her Majesty's pleasure.

Their crimes ranged from attempted murder, assaulting a pregnant woman and conspiracry to rob a man in his 60s of £38,000 he had just withdrawn from a bank.

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Cocaine dealer Ziso Berouka, 45, was jailed for five years after a routine traffic stop led police to uncovering drugs worth £40,000 plus £10,000 in cash at the 45-year-old's house in Lower Hester Street, Northampton

In one case, detectives found more than half-a-kilo of cocaine in a Northampton house following what started as a routine stop near the town centre.

Editor’s note: “An earlier version of this article stated that Carl Townsend, aged 39, previously of Northampton, had been jailed for seven years for conspiracy to commit robbery. This was based on information published and supplied by Northamptonshire Police. We have since been informed that Carl Townsend was, in fact, sentenced in 2017. Two co-defendants pleaded guilty last month and are due to be sentenced in May.”

Darlent Zirebwa, 30, of Kingsley, savagely beat his girlfriend in a drunken rage on New Year's Day. He was found guilty after a three-week trial and sentenced to two years — but will likely be released in August after spending seven months in custody while awaiting trial
Child rapist Scott Craddock has started another three-year sentence after police found indecent images on a laptop hidden with a webcam in his bed at a probation hostel just a few weeks after being released from jail
University handyman Mark Hulka, 49, used a company van to steal office supplies worth £58,000 before selling them on eBay. Hulka was jailed for 18 months and is due back in court in July for a a proceeds of crime hearing on how he will pay back the money.
Ioan Christian Moise, 28, will be sentenced next month after pleading guilty to 12 charges of grooming an sexually assaulting a 14-year-old schoolgirl in a Northampton hotel during January this year
Luke Connors, 23, was jailed for 21⁄2 years for stealing jeweller worth £500 after using a garden fork to smash his way through the window of a house in Hangerfield Court, Northampton, on January 7 this year
A Northampton Crown Court judge jailed Daniel McIntyre for 31⁄2 years after hearing he threatened a terrified stranger with a knife before stealing a bottle of cider and some cigarettes on a wooded area near Corby swimming pool
Serial car thief Alex Lundy, 45, rammed a police car three times in a bid to escape arrest — just four days after he had been bailed for assaulting an emergency worker. Luncy, from Corby, has now started a three-year sentence
Filips Hmelnicenko, 31, was the final member of a drug-dealing gang sentenced over the discovery of a dark web operation based at a storage facility in Northampton were Police discovered cocaine, MDMA and amphetamines worth £2.7million
Northampton Crown Court heard how Leicester bar owner Dave Tsouvallaris, 32, sexually assaulted a 12-year-old girl at Irchester Country Park after grooming her online. He wil serve at least six years of a 10-year sentence behind bars
Craig Kyle, 36, of Corby, was labelled a monster and jailed for 18 months after horrifically beating his pregnant partner, leaving her with brain injury
Northampton Crown Court heard Ross Eaton had never passed a driving test in his life when when a car he was driving killed 74-year-old Michael Reid in 2019. The 47-year-old from Kettering was jailed for 34 months
Drug addict Jamie Magee, 32, was found guilty of stealing £1,600 from a Corby trap house in an incident which ended with his pal Wes Brown dying. Magee, of Corby, was jailed for eight years after a five-day trial at Leicester Crown Court
Patrick McDonagh, of Crabb Street, Rushden, (left) and Bernard McDonagh, were among four men found guilty over a stabbing at Irchester caravan park on New Year's Day 2020