Judge scolds 'selfish' caravan site owner who 'failed' to help police or victims in wake of attempted Northamptonshire murder

After four armed men attacked a family on their grounds, the caravan site owner reportedly refused to help victims or help investigators.

Thursday, 20th May 2021, 7:45 am
The owner of a Nothamptonshire caravan site was scolded in court for "selfish and unsympathetic behaviour" in the aftermath of an attempted murder of her grounds.

The owner of a Northamptonshire caravan site was singled out in court on Tuesday (May 18) for their "inexplicable failure" to help the victims of an attempted murder on her grounds.

Four brothers were jailed for a total of 52 years yesterday (May 18) for a savage early morning attack on three members of their own family using machetes and billhooks.

The most severe sentence was handed to Patrick McDonagh, of 40, of Crabb Street, Rushden, who was convicted of attempted murder for rounding up his brother and inflicting serious injuries on his targets.

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The owner reportedly refused help the victims or describe the attackers afterwards, evidenced by a 999 call they made that was played in court.

His Honour Judge Rupert Mayo said: "My recital of the very basic facts of this horrific and swift invasion would not be complete without a comment upon the inexplicable failure of the owner of the site to render any aid or assistance to [the victims] who had become, in only a few minutes, victims.

"I listened with astonishment to the 999 call during which [the owner] refused to leave their home to help the female members of the family who had come for urgent help.

"She refused to describe the people or cars she had observed moments ago on her property, telling the emergency call-taker that the [family] were merely her tenants.

"I hope that since the events of the trial and its conclusions played out during the early part of 2021 that this woman had time to reflect on her selfish and unsympathetic behaviour."