Intruder stabbed another man at Northampton home after seeing former partner there 'in her nightdress'

Owen Stewart entered another man's home, uninvited, and then stabbed him after finding his former partner there

Friday, 21st May 2021, 9:10 am

An intruder grabbed a kitchen knife and told a homeowner he was "going to die" after he found his former girlfriend at "in her nightdress" at a Northampton home.

Owen Stewart, 55, of Mill Meadow, was drunk, on drugs and uninvited when he let himself into the home on Grange Road through an unlocked door in February this year.

Inside, he found two men he had a grievance with drinking with two of his former partners. One of the women was reportedly in her nightdress.

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Owen Stewart was jailed for five years for stabbing a man in his own home.

Northampton Crown Court heard on Thursday (May 20) how this was enough for Stewart to exclaim "what's going on here?", punch one of the men in the jaw and stab the other with a kitchen knife.

"The defendant lunged forward and stabbed [his victim] on the right side of his torso," said prosecutor Andrew Fitch-Holland..

"He told the victim 'you've got 15 minutes to live, you're going to die', before he was restrained and thrown out the property. He continued to bang on the doors until he fled the scene."

The inflicted stab wound was two inches deep and was not a life-threatening injury - but Stewart's victim had to wait for an ambulance unsure if he was about to die.

Owen Stewart stabbed a man and told him he had "15 minutes to live."

"Blood was soaking my t-shirt," wrote the victim in a victim impact statement that was read in court. "I honestly thought I was going to die.

"I can't believe how this could happen in my own home. I don't feel safe going out but I don't feel safe staying in either."

Stewart was arrested shortly afterwards. He denied the attack in his police interview and instead blamed the victim and said it was he who had a knife. He later pleaded guilty to wounding and battery in court.

The 55-year-old, who has convictions for 69 previous offences including aggravated burglary and GBH, was deemed 'dangerous' by Her Honour Judge Rebecca Crane and was jailed for five years plus an extended license of three years.