IN COURT: Magistrates dish out fines and prison sentences to offenders from Northampton and Daventry

Charges include assault, theft, criminal damage and drink-driving

Sunday, 16th May 2021, 2:48 pm

■ The following cases were heard on May 6

Ryan Austin, aged 29, of Riverside Drive, Weedon, drink-driving; disqualified 12 months, fined £320, to pay a surcharge to fund victim services £34, to pay costs £85 to the Crown Prosecution Service.

Gary Patrick Andrew McCarthy, aged 24, of Ashtree Way, Northampton, failed to comply with supervision requirements following release from prison; seven days in prison, costs £60.

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Northampton Magistrates Court.
Northampton Magistrates Court.

John Patrick Lavelle, aged 29, of Pleydell Gardens, Northampton, two counts of theft; community order with unpaid work, to pay compensation of £619

Patrick Michael O’Brien, aged 40, of Welland Walk, Northampton, assault by beating; community order, compensation £70, surcharge £95, costs £85.

Jordan Lewis Jones, aged 22, of Swale Drive, Northampton, driving other than in accordance with a licence, no insurance, failed to stop, taking and driving away a motor vehicle; disqualified eight months, community order, surcharge £95, costs £85.

Melissa Jane Osborune, aged 23, of Cartmel Road, Daventry, criminal damage to a vehicle; discharged conditionally 12 months, compensation £650, surcharge £22.

Michael Smith, aged 56, of Eastern Avenue North, Northampton, being concerned in the production of a class B drug — cannabis; fined £80, surcharge £34, costs £85.

Leah Mishka Smith, aged 26, of Ashburnham Road, Northampton, drug-driving; community order with unpaid work; disqualified 12 months, surcharge £95, costs £85.

Claudine Michelle Medcraft, aged 44, possession of class B drug — cannabis; discharged conditionally 12 months, surcharge £22, costs £85.

■ The following cases were heard on May 7

Craig Mark Acton, aged 29, of Farmfield Court, Thorplands, possession of a small joint of cannabis; fined £80, surcharge £34, costs £85.

Catherine Clarke, aged 47, of Frasers Close, Daventry, drink-driving; community order, disqualified 24 months, surcharge £95, costs £85.

Cherie Marshall, aged 47, of Kingsley Road, Northampton, possession of three small wraps of diamorphine, a class A drug; fined £120, surcharge £34, costs £85.

Cristian Marian Varga, aged 30, of Haydown Green, Northampton, driving while disqualified, no insurance; disqualified four months, fined £300, surcharge £34, costs £85.

Gavin Dean York, aged 43, of Fishers Close, Northampton, driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence, no insurance; fined £500, surcharge £50, costs £85, six penalty points.

Mina Kathleen Matteo, aged 50, of Cherry Orchard Place, Northampton, failed to wear a face covering in a shop; fined £120, surcharge £34, costs £85.

Martin Hodi, aged 28, of Barring Street, Northampton, speeding; fined £320, surcharge £34, costs £85, six penalty points.

Darren Lee Goodridge, aged 53, of Junction Road, Northampton, driving while using a hand-held mobile phone; fined £346, surcharge £35, costs £85, six penalty points.

Mduduzi Chatira, aged 30, of Earl Street, Northampton, driving while using a hand-held mobile phone, no insurance; fined £880, surcharge £88, costs £90, disqualified six months due to repeat offending.

■ The following case was heard on May 8

Colin James Mosdell, aged 35, of Billing Road, Northampton, driving while disqualified, no insurance, criminal damage to a window, commission of a further offence while on a suspended sentence; 22 weeks in prison, disqualified 36 months.

■ We understand that some people may be angry or upset to see their name published here but covering court cases acts as a deterrent against crime and it is important that justice is being seen to be done.

Under English Law, it is a general principle that criminal court proceedings for adults should be held openly and in public. Verdicts and sentences are normally given out in open court and so are in the public domain. Newspapers such as ours therefore have the right to publish outcomes of all such criminal court cases.

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