‘I don’t remember, I was drunk’ woman tells police after burgling young couple’s Daventry home

“The victims were a young couple who set their hearts on living in that house, only to have it invaded by the defendant’s selfish behaviour,” says judge

By Megan Hillery
Thursday, 12th May 2022, 7:58 pm

A Northampton woman was handed a suspended prison sentence after burgling a young couple’s Daventry home whilst “intoxicated.”

Stacey McMillan, aged 29, of no fixed abode and formerly of Doncaster, appeared at Northampton Crown Court on Thursday, May 12 after being charged with burglary.

The court heard that, on January 29, 2020 at around 7.30pm, one of the occupants of a Daventry home heard the front door open and thought it was his partner. He heard the sound of keys jingling in the hall so he went to investigate and spotted McMillan.

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Stacey McMillan, aged 29, appeared at Northampton Crown Court on Thursday, May 12.

Mr James, prosecuting, told the court that McMillan had taken a set of car keys, a handbag, alcohol, a coat and shoes. He added that the victim described her as “smelling strongly of cannabis.”

The victim chased McMillan from his property and she returned his car keys but none of the other stolen items, the court heard.

McMillan was arrested later that evening and police officers said she was “intoxicated.” The court heard that McMillan, when questioned, told officers that she had been drinking all day and could not remember what happened.

A victim personal statement provided by one of the homeowners said she now “panics” if she believes she has not locked the door and she could not go outside for weeks without “feeling watched.”

Mr James told the court that the young couple are “scared” of bumping into McMillan again so they have installed CCTV at their house and are looking into getting a dog as well as moving home.

The court heard that McMillan has 17 previous convictions for a total of 43 offences, with this burglary offence falling at number 20 on the list.

For Thursday’s court hearing, McMillan appeared via video link from prison as she was serving a custodial sentence for a count of theft. The court heard that McMillan served three prison sentences for shoplifting and use of threatening behaviour since the burglary.

The court heard that a warrant was issued for McMillan’s arrest after she failed to attend a court hearing in December and she was arrested on March 4, 2022.

Mr Green, in mitigation, said the burglary took place a very short time after she had been the victim of false imprisonment and assault so - as a result - suffers with mental health issues arising from that “traumatic ordeal.”

He added that McMillan suffers with long term drinking and drug afflictions that need to be addressed.

Mr Recorder Timothy Green said: “The victims were a young couple who set their hearts on living in that house, which they watched get built, only to have it invaded by the defendant’s selfish behaviour.”

Addressing McMillan, Mr Recorder Green said: “Since your burglary, they have felt insecure and anxious in that house. That is the destructive consequence of your burglary for which you are responsible, damaging another person’s life.”

McMillan was sentenced to 14 months imprisonment suspended for two years. She was ordered to undertake a six month mental health treatment requirement programme and a six month drug rehabilitation requirement programme as well as 20 rehabilitation requirement days.