Family of Harry Dunn call for resignation of Northamptonshire Police chief over 'sad but predictable' tweet

The family of Harry Dunn is calling for Northamptonshire Police's Chief Constable to resign over an 'insensitive' tweet on the day they announced they would sue the lead suspect in their son's death.

Thursday, 31st October 2019, 11:26 am
Northamptonshire's chief constable Nick Adderley has been criticised for an 'insensitive' tweet relating to the death of Harry Dunn.

The ongoing diplomatic crisis over the death of Harry Dunn in Northamptonshire reached a new level this week after the 19-year-old's family announced they would bring civil charges against both Anne Sacoolas and President Donald Trump.

Motorcyclist Harry was killed outside RAF Croughton in August in a collision with a black Volvo SUV reportedly driven by Mrs Sacoolas, the wife of an American diplomat.

However, soon after, Mrs Sacoolas claimed diplomatic immunity and flew to the United States. She has been facing calls to return to the UK and face justice ever since.

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On Tuesday (Oct 29), Harry's family announced they intended to sue Mrs Sacoolas for civil damages and the Trump administration for misconduct.

But on Twitter, Northamptonshire Police's chief constable Nick Adderley responded to the announcement with a tweet that read: "How sad but how predictable!!"

Now, Harry's family have reportedly called for Mr Adderley to resign. One family member called the comment a "sarcastic remark".

Chief Constable Adderley's tweet has since been deleted.

Mr Adderley replied to the announcement of legal action against Ms Sacoolas with "how sad but how predictable".

It comes after Northamptonshire Police this week interviewed Mrs Sacoolas in the US about the crash. This, too, has left Harry's family unhappy, as they only found out about the meeting through the media after weeks of calling for the 47-year-old to be questioned in the UK.

In a statement, Mr Adderley said: "The tweet was in reference to the profound sadness at the loss of Harry Dunn, that the spokesperson for the family has been absolutely clear on the next steps in fighting for justice for Harry and that the only recourse to justice that they feel they have available to them at the moment is through the US civil court system.

“I deleted it with a view to re-writing it with more context but was called away to deal with something else.

“I meant no offence by my tweet and apologise if it has been in any way misconstrued or misinterpreted.

Motorcyclist Harry Dunn was killed near RAF Croughton in August. His death has led to a diplomatic crisis with the US.

“This is an extremely tragic case in which a young man has lost his life and Northamptonshire Police is committed to carrying out a thorough and comprehensive investigation with a view to submitting a completed file of evidence to the Crown Prosecution Service shortly.”

Meanwhile, superintendent Sarah Johnson confirmed that Mrs Sacoolas had been interviewed in the US.