Drunk dangerous driver jumped from Audi before letting it crash into man's front gate in Northampton

The London man had reportedly "only had three gin and tonics" when he chose to cruise Northampton's roads straddling both lanes

Tuesday, 22nd June 2021, 8:31 am
A London man ended a police chase in Northampton by attempting a "tuck and roll" from his moving Audi.

A drunk driver tooled around Northampton's roads at speeds of up to 80mph before attempting to 'tuck and roll' from his car and run from police.

Ervi Henaj, of Park Royal, London, reportedly had "only had three gin and tonics" when he chose to cruise along Wellingborough Road straddling both lanes in his Audi A6.

In the incident on at 4am on January 8, 2021, the 28-year-old was tailed by a squad car until they saw him "almost" go the wrong way around a roundabout on Booth Lane South.

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"It was then that the officer activated their blue lights," prosecutor Thomas Welshman told Northampton Crown Court yesterday (June 21).

"In response, this defendant accelerated away and through a red light."

In a bid to shake off police, Henaj blew through a red light on Booth Lane South at 60mph and at one point reached up to 80mph. Booth Lane South is a 30 zone.

Finally, at Fish Pond Road, Evri chose to jump from his car, allowing it to veer away and crash into a resident's front gate.

After a short foot chase, the London man was arrested. Officers found he also had no insurance or a valid UK license.

He later pleaded guilty to dangerous driving.

"Had anyone been on board or had another car been coming towards you at any time there is a very real possibility you could have killed them," said recorder My Michael Auty in sentencing.

"These offences arose out of you driving on roads you had no business to be on.

"These offences are extremely serious. But there are powerful factors in your favour. I recognise that you don't seem to be sorry for you but for the people you could have hurt or killed.

"In the end, it is your guilty plea and your previous good character that save you."

Ervi was handed a 10 month prison sentence suspended for two years. He was also ordered to pay £500 to the man whose gate he destroyed."