Boy racer's car rolls for 174 metres before crashing on opposite carriageway in 80mph Wellingborough smash

Zachary Ainsworth-Smith set out that night to goad other motorists into racing him. It ended with him crashing on the A45

Tuesday, 15th June 2021, 3:36 pm
A boy racer crashed his car at 90mph while trying to challenge other motorists into racing him.
A boy racer crashed his car at 90mph while trying to challenge other motorists into racing him.

A dangerous driver who tried to goad other motorists into racing him crashed at 80mph while tolling around on a Northamptonshire carriageway.

Zachary Ainsworth-Smith, of Minerva Way, Wellingborough, went out with three passengers on the night of September 15, 2018, in search of people to race on public highways.

It ended with him flipping his vehicle and rolling it for 174 metres before it finally crashed to a halt on the opposite side of the A45 near Rushden.

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Although the then-19-year-old walked away from the smash, his front-seat passenger suffered spinal injuries and multiple fractures she is still in pain for to this day.

"You were warned by your passengers of your excessive speed," His Honour Judge Rupert Mayo said in sentencing at Northampton Crown Court yesterday (June 15).

"In my opinion, you show little victim empathy even now."

The severe crash in September 2019 began with Ainsworth-Smith goading other motorists on the A428 to race him.

When he spotted a Corsa on the road, he pulled alongside them before speeding of at up to 90mph as a challenge.

The other motorist later told police they were interested.

However, while speeding off, the boy racer shot past an off duty police officer who chased after them while warning him to pull over.

Ainsworth-Smith responded by "wiggling" his car left and right - only for him to lose control and send his vehicle tumbling across the tarmac.

It rolled more than a dozen times before coming to a stop on the opposite carriageway.

The now-21-year-old later pleaded guilty to dangerous driving. Judge Mayo handed Ainsworth-Smith a 31 month prison sentence and disqualified him from driving for two years.