Barrister interrogates murder suspect over claim he was smoking cannabis when Northampton man was shot

A barrister has rebuffed a Northampton man's claim he was never at the scene of a murder by claiming he was really the one who pulled the trigger.

Tuesday, 21st May 2019, 11:09 am
Suspect Jerome Smikle has denied being at the scene when Mr Bains was shot, though other witnesses have countered his claim.

Joshua Bains, 28, was shot dead in Webb Drive, Upton, on October 4 last year.

At Birmingham Crown Court yesterday (May 20), Jerome Smikle, 27, from St Leonards Road, claimed he had nothing to do with the alleged murder of Joshua Bains.

Instead, he claimed he was smoking cannabis in a flat at the time Mr Bains was shot - while his co-defendant, Kayongo Shuleko, 26, from London, had driven off that night with "his mate" to settle a drug debt of £40 he owed Bains.

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Joshua Bains was shot dead in Upton last October.

But defence barrister Paul Mendelle QC replied: "You know perfectly well that the drug deal between Shuleko and Bains was arranged by you."

Smikle said: "That is incorrect."

Mr Mendelle said: "And you and Shuleko left to meet him in your Ford Focus."

Smikle replied: "That is incorrect. That Ford Focus was not mine. I just negotiated the deal to buy it."

The barrister said: "You both met Mr Bains in Upton High Street, and he got in your car.

"And, when Shuleko got out of the car, he got into a struggle with Bains, and Bains had a gun.

"And that's when you got out the car and shot Mr Bains to protect your friend."

"That is incorrect," said Smikle.

It comes after Shuleko claimed in his evidence that he was forced to seize the barrel of a gun that Mr Bains pulled out, before he heard gunshots coming "from Smikle".

Minutes later, Mr Bains was lying dead on the Upton street.

The court has previously heard from two witnesses who said they saw Smikle at the scene of Joshua Bains' death.

Mr Mendelle said: "To be clear, are you saying these witnesses are mistaken?"

Smikle replied: "Or deliberately lying."

The trial continues.