Could 'gold-plated' pensions could be behind Northamptonshire County Council's debt woes?

Northamptonshire County Council is being asked to reveal just how much it spends on 'gold-plated' pensions a year after the government revealed the bill for retiring civil servants is likely to jump by £300 billion in the next financial year.

Thursday, 8th March 2018, 7:16 am
Updated Thursday, 8th March 2018, 2:29 pm
Solicitor Brent Hill has called on Northamptonshire County Council to reveal the extent of its pensions bill.

Brent Hill, a Northamptonshire solicitor who has been researching the cost of public body retirees for the past year, discovered the huge rise in spending after scouring yearly Government accounts.

He believes select numbers on “gold-plated” deals could even be behind the county council’s financial mess, but the figures are not available locally.

He said: “The Government accounts show the country is in a completely hopeless mess, and the biggest liability of all – public service pension – is hardly even being discussed, let alone addressed and reduced."

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Mr Hill, 66, from Horton, has called on the county council to reveal the extent of its pension bill - and the number of people on “final salary” schemes, whereby people continue to receive a pension based on the wage they retired on.

The council has agreed to look into the figures.