Corby ‘tornado’s’ terrifying path of destruction across Beanfield estate

The extreme weather hit the town this morning

By Kate Cronin
Sunday, 31st October 2021, 3:43 pm
Firefighters survey some of the damage in Bingham Walk
Firefighters survey some of the damage in Bingham Walk

Emergency services are still on the scene in Corby today after a ‘tornado’ damaged more than 20 homes.

Chimneys were brought down, walls blown over and cars smashed by falling trees during the sudden storm at about 10.20am today.

A clear path of destruction can be seen on damaged homes running from Newark Drive over Welbeck Court, Ollerton Walk, Bestwood Green, Bingham Walk, Bridgford Place and into the woods off Westwood Walk.

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The path taken by the extreme wind

Some surrounding roads have also suffered minor damage and many trees are reported as being damaged in Coronation Park.

Residents on the estate spoke of a sudden surge in the morning’s wind and rain at about 10.20am.

Tomasz Brezezniski of Newark Drive said: “I was just in my room when I saw our trampoline fly over into the next garden.

”It just seemed to come down that way over the house, and you can see the damage it left.

Many residents have reported damage to their roofs

“The rain just seemed to go horizontal.”

“I can fix the porch but I’ll have to get someone professional to fix all the ridge tiles that are gone.”

Kerry Aguilah who lives in Bingham Walk was in her first storey flat when the wind whipped up.

Her chimney has been destroyed and ridge tiles lie smashed in the back yard.

Several chimneys will need to be rebuilt after heavy aerials ripped them from roofs

”I’m worried what might happen with more wind being forecast tonight. We’ve tried to get through to the council but nobody is answering the emergency phones.”

Maria Bryan said: “I heard it coming.

”I looked out of the window and it slammed shut in my face.

”I’ve never seen anything like it.

Tomasz Brezezniski fixes his roof in Newark Drive

”Then I noticed my neighbour’s bins were on the floor and my daughter asked if their chimney had always been like that.”

Lisa McBride of Newark Drive said: “You can see that some of the tiles have fallen and gone really right down into the grass. It’s lucky nobody was walking past.”

Neighbours have pulled together to help each other. Tonia Shepherd said: “We’ve been in and out of all the houses checking everyone’s ok. That’s what it’s like on the Beanfield. We look after each other.”

Northants Fire and Rescue are still on the scene to ensure the safety of residents.

They said that they had been extremely busy all morning attending a string of fallen trees and damaged in other areas.

Councillors Alison Dalziel and Simon Rielly have also been on the estate this morning helping those who need it.

The tornado ripped in a line through everything in its path

In a statement on their Facebook page they said: “We have been out in Beanfield talking to residents affected by the tornado.

”The chief executive of the council has been kept informed and Cllr Addison has forwarded photos of the damage, so that the areas affected are made safe.”

Council tenants can call the emergency team 01536 400088 or 0300 126 3000.

Damage caused to a car by a fallen tree in Westwood Walk
A trampoline lies beyond repaid
Kerry Aguliah next to her damaged chimney in Bingham Walk
Many trees have been ripped from their roots