Controversial Northamptonshire housing plan could be approved next week

The red lines on this aerial shot show the proposed development site boundaryThe red lines on this aerial shot show the proposed development site boundary
The red lines on this aerial shot show the proposed development site boundary
Controversial plans for more than 300 homes on land to the south of Desborough could be approved next week.

The outline application, made by Central England Co-operative Ltd, could see up to 304 houses built, along with associated access, infrastructure, a public open space and nature area.

It has been a long-running saga with the people of Desborough protesting and hundreds objecting to the plans.

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But the application is recommended to be approved at a Kettering Council planning meeting next Tuesday (May 17).

The plans were objected to unequivocally by Desborough Town Council on a number of grounds, including the loss of visually important open space and the distance from local facilities.

Rothwell Council also objected on the grounds that it would see an increase in vehicles travelling into the town, and that it would have an adverse effect on education and health services in both towns.

There were also concerns from Rushton, Geddington, Newton and Little Oakley councils, Natural England and Desborough Civic Society, as well as 194 letters of objection from neighbours.

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One response read: “I believe that the proposed development is inappropriate because there are more acceptable sites available which are currently providing sufficient development.

“The proposed development would reduce the green space available and be detrimental to wildlife and residents.

“Also, the facilities in Desborough (doctors, schools, libraries etc) are already overstretched with current developments without increasing the population even further.”

Another read: “There are a number of sites that have been identified in Desborough suitable for housing.

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“This one is one that is unique in the town, meadows and grassland by a river and already popular with locals.

“This is shown by the number of people who use Tailby’s Meadow, and the different routes which can be accessed to get there, especially on foot.

“Opening the rest of the valley would be popular, but building houses along the valley will just create a scene that is replicated in any town.

“One of the most ill thought-out ideas is the filling of the Damms field with housing, a beautiful valley rising up to St Giles Church, which will be gone for ever.

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“There is no place in this part of Desborough for such intrusion.”

The site consists of a number of open fields and previously used playing fields and land associated with the demolished Hawthorns Leisure Centre.