The compensation claims made for injuries at Northamptonshire schools this year

A claimant is seeking compensation from Northamptonshire County Council after tripping over a scooter at school, with another injured while washing their hands.

Wednesday, 28th June 2017, 7:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 11:50 am

That’s according to information released by the council after a Freedom of Information request revealed the compensation claims made this academic year.

Of the seven claims made, the council is yet to pay out – although five are still under investigation.

The two claims which have been rejected include an injury suffered in manual handling at a school in Northampton.

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A child also lost a claim against a Corby school after they were injured using play equipment.

Five claims are still under investigation and include an injury suffered after a finger was trapped in a door at a school in Wellingborough.

Someone at a school in Northampton is seeking compensation after tripping over a scooter, while a pupil at a school in Wollaston is seeking a payout after another pupil threw an object at them.

The council is also investigating a claim made by someone injured at a school in Northampton after a child pushed a locker on to them.

Another claimant at a Northampton school is seeking compensation after they were injured while washing their hands.

A spokesman for Northamptonshire County Council said: “The majority of claims involving minors will come through a solicitor, who will act on behalf of the child and family but we also, on some occasions, get claims direct from the parents.

“The process for investigating claims involving minors is exactly the same as it would be for adults, in that we have an initial period of 40 working days from receipt of the claim to make a decision on liability.

“Some will be rejected, but we have to keep them open for a period of six months following this decision, in case the outcome is challenged.

“In cases where we settle the claim, we have to obtain medical reports in order to evaluate the appropriate level of compensation.

“In most cases whatever settlement is agreed between the parties has to be approved by the courts.

“The agreed settlement is paid into court by us and then paid out with interest upon the child’s 18th birthday.

“Once we’ve paid the compensation payment into court our involvement with the case effectively ceases.”