Co-op reveals minimum age limit on sales of energy drinks with high caffeine levels

Central England Co-op has today announced that it is putting in place an age limit for sales of energy drinks with high caffeine levels.

From March 1, customers who buy energy drinks that contain 150mg or more caffeine per litre will be asked to prove that they are over the age of 16.

The Society has decided to take this voluntary decision after speaking to dozens of parents and teachers about their growing concerns that more and more youngsters are drinking these products.

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This decision falls in line with industry labelling guidelines, which require any soft drink with more than 150 mg of caffeine per litre to carry a high caffeine content warning and state it is not recommended for children.

Hannah Gallimore, Central England Co-op Corporate Responsibility manager, said: “We pride ourselves on being a responsible and ethical retailer based at the heart of our communities and after receiving feedback from teachers and parents we knew we had to act.

“This decision will ensure that strict guidelines are in place to prevent young people under the age of 16 buying these products in line with industry labelling guidelines.

“High caffeine energy drinks carry advice stating that they should not be consumed by children, we hope that our decision to put this voluntary sales age limit in place will help address concerns associated with these drinks being consumed by under 16s.”

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