Chronicle & Echo readers react to snap general election announcement

Northampton's voters are set for two trips to the polling booths this summer after a call by Theresa May for a general election.

Tuesday, 18th April 2017, 6:13 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:53 pm
PM Theresa May called for a general election yesterday.

The Prime Minister yesterday called for a UK general election on June 8 to decide the country's leadership for the coming Brexit negotiations.

The general election would follow just a month after the Northamptonshire county elections on May 4.

Chronicle & Echo readers have now shared their thoughts on the announcement on our Facebook page, and reactions have ranged from welcoming to resigned.

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MP for Northampton South David Mackintosh.

Daniel Worley said: "We need a strong and stable Government who will work together to keep this country great and maintain good relations with other countries now and after Brexit.

"I understand it's a fight for parties but right now we need to pull together and make it work. We are all in the same boat as people. A group is always stronger than an individual."

But another reader, Steve Paine, replied: "This country isn't great, hasn't been for a long time. That's party political rubbish. We need to talk about people and making things good in society for all citizens and not leave anyone behind.

"The Tories have cut everything, and people are suffering as a result. And it hasn't paid one penny off any debt, and has quadrupled the national debt in the process. They have caused mayhem and chaos. Why would anyone vote for more of the same?"

MP for Northampton North Michael Ellis.

Others groaned at the prospect of another election. Dave Rawlings said: "Boring. The next two months will now be spent picking over the details of manifestoes that aren't worth the paper they are written on."

Another said: "Hope the right outcome is achieved and we can get on with the task in hand."

MP for Northampton North Michael Ellis welcomed the decision and said: "This will be quite a whirlwind. We've never had a snap election in my time as an MP.

"I think we need this election right now. The main reason is we need a secure, certain and stable leadership for the country to see us through Brexit.

MP for Northampton South David Mackintosh.

"Westminster is currently divided, and that division weakens the Prime Minister's hand in negotiating.

"I want my constituents in Northampton North to know that I will be standing for re-election this June."

Dave Mackintosh, MP for Northampton South, said: "I think Theresa May is right to call this election and to give the public the opportunity to decide who they want to lead our country at this important time in our history.

“I have dealt with over 20,000 individual constituent cases, and last year I was recognised as the fifth most responsive Member of Parliament to constituents, and the most responsive out of all MPs elected in 2015. I would like to continue that work as the Member of Parliament for Northampton South after the election in June so will be seeking re-election."

MP for Northampton North Michael Ellis.

Theresa May will ask Parliament for permission to hold the election today (April 19) at Prime Minister's Questions.