Can a séance of haunted items in Northamptonshire be too scary for Halloween?

A Northamptonshire illusionist has faced a backlash from religious groups over a séance of haunted items he is hosting for Halloween.

Wednesday, 9th October 2019, 5:51 pm
Christopher Watts

Christopher Watts wants to find out if a load of items potentially from the world-renowned Warrens Occult Museum have some sort of paranormal possession.

He organised two events in Northampton and Towcester for people to touch the ghostly artefacts and witness the séance but one has been cancelled over fears it is 'too risky'.

Complaints have also been made directly to Christopher online from people from Jevohah's Witnesses, the Church of England and Church of Satan.

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He said: "The issue is there are lots of people who want to see me performing a séance and take part however with the negative backlash I am receiving is there a time when a Halloween spook show is just too scary?"

Christopher is a magician by trade but he has always had an interest in the occult having grown up in an apparently haunted house on Market Street where his father still lives.

"As a magician I've always believed the unknown can be explained but some things remain unknown, like ghost sightings and haunted objects, and that interests me," he said.

A hopeful post on Facebook for haunted items resulted in Antonio Spere, the son-in-law of Edd and Lorraine Warren from the museum, offering him a collection of artefacts.

The museum in Connecticut is home to the largest array of possessed and satanic items in the world, including the Annabelle doll which inspired The Conjuring movies.

Christopher was given the items, which may or may not have come from the now-closed museum, on the basis he would perform a séance to inspect their validity.

Among the collection is a dice said to have belonged to a gambler who sold his soul to the devil in exchange for good luck and a piece of chalk said to have left messages on a wall in a school.

'The Gathering' events at Cheyne Walk and Towcester Town football clubs were arranged around Halloween for anyone interested by the objects to see them for themselves and watch the séance.

After sharing them on his Facebook page, Christopher said he received complaints from a range of religious groups, and even his housemate is unhappy with them being in their home.

Cheyne Walk cancelled the event after being alerted to the potentially 'dangerous' nature of the items said to be wicked and cursed.

But Christopher said lots of tickets have been sold for the Towcester event which proves there are people interested in the séance and believe it should go ahead.

"It seems pretty 50/50, the more people are saying about how bad it is, the more people are quite intrigued by it and want to come as ticket sales have shown," he said.

"So I'm quite unsure about it as I don't want to cancel it if people are interested and I don't want to upset those who are worried.

"But I don't think I'll cancel it as I want to see what happens - I'm hoping there will be some haunting activity taking place."

The event at Towcester Town football club on Islington Road is at 7.30pm on Saturday, November 30.

Anyone who wants to buy tickets for £8.50 should email Christopher on [email protected]