Burglars who stole Northampton newlywed's 'irreplaceable' wedding band had 'no empathy'

A Northampton couple were left devastated when burglars broke into their home and took a platinum wedding ring.

Saturday, 14th April 2018, 9:38 am
Updated Saturday, 14th April 2018, 9:46 am
Justin and Freya Garon tied the knot last year. But earlier this week, burglars stole Justin's platinum wedding band.

Newlyweds Freya and Justin Garon were at work on Wednesday morning when raiders smashed through the patio doors and ransacked their house in Broadmead Avenue, Abington.

They left the property with cash and jewellery before breaking into a neighbouring property.

But when Justin and Freya returned to their home they realised Justin's platinum marital band, engraved with their wedding date "19.08.17", had been taken.,

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"We were absolutely devastated, said Freya, 30. "There is nothing more sentimental or meaningful than the thing that symbolises the day you got married.

"It really says something when these people can't even tell how meaningful a wedding ring is.

"They had a complete lack of empathy."

Social worker Freya says her husband Justin, a carpenter, 35, left his wedding band in the bedroom that morning in case he got it damaged at work.

The smash-and-grab raid bore the hallmarks of the recent spate of gold burglaries reported by Northamptonshire Police, Freya believes, though police believe they are not linked.

A neighbouring property was also broken into on the same day, but nothing was taken.

Police were initially called when eyewitnesses saw two men leaping over the back garden fences in Broadmead Avenue.

Freya is holding out for the hope that the distinctive, engraved ring, is still intact somewhere.

"It's irreplaceable," she said. "Even if we were to get a new one, it would not be the one we got married in, said our vows in.

"It was meaningful to us and it was blessed in the church."

If you saw anything suspicious on Broadmead Avenue between 9am and 1pm on Wednesday, April 11, call Northamptonshire Police on 101.