Body camera footage films Northampton man assault woman in Nottingham

Police body camera footage helps to secure the conviction of a Northampton man for domestic violence despite the victim opting not to give evidence in court.

Tuesday, 4th October 2016, 5:24 pm
Updated Wednesday, 5th October 2016, 4:43 pm

David Daubrah, 28, of Abington Street was found guilty of assault by beating and admitted police assault when he appeared at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court on 6 September.

Daubrah assaulted the victim in Newark at 5pm on Sunday 19 June, 2016, which gave her a black eye and causing pain in her jaw and neck.

Temporary Detective Inspector, Clare Dean, said: The officers involved in this case acted with utmost professionalism and their actions under challenging circumstances helped secure Daubrah’s conviction.

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“The outcome also highlights the benefits of using body-worn cameras, particularly in cases such as this when the victim of the crime does not want to give evidence in court.”

PC John Chappell was one of the first officers on the scene, along with PC Andrew Shaw and PC Emma Weatherhill.

He was then kicked several times in the legs by Daubrah, who also spat in his face before being arrested. PC Chappell had informed Daubrah he was being recorded by a body camera.

PC Shaw then spoke to the victim who confirmed Daubrah was responsible for her injuries and PC Weatherhill witnessed Daubrah’s aggressive demeanour and took photos of the victim’s injuries.

Despite Daubrah denying the offences and the victim opting not to give evidence in court, the offender was found guilty of assault by beating by a jury, who took into account the three officers’ clear and consistent accounts of what had happened when they arrived on the scene, photos to support their evidence, a witness account and Daubrah’s history of violence.

Officers also took into account that Daubrah’s statement was not credible because body camera footage recorded him saying the victim had walked into a door, while in police interview he said she was hit by a tree.

Daubrah was released on conditional bail to appear at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court on Thursday, 6.

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