Are you adept at removing peas from nostrils? Northampton nursery's refreshing honesty about new role

Little Houghton Day Nursery is looking for new staff. (Picture: Kelly Cooper)
Little Houghton Day Nursery is looking for new staff. (Picture: Kelly Cooper)

Can you supply hugs whenever needed? Can you retrieve small plastic cars from an African Snail tank?

If you answered yes to all of the above you are just the candidate a Northampton nursery is searching for.

Little Houghton Day Nursery, in Bedford Road, is looking to add to its staff and has posted an advert on which beautifully sums up the everyday rollercoaster when working with toddlers.

In addition to being a hug-giver, the chosen candidate's main responsibilities will also require them to "visibly relish a plastic meal of fried egg, banana and a can of baked beans whilst seated on a chair the size of a shoebox" alongside removing glue from hair, leading a chorus of Five Currant Buns and reuniting solitary gloves and socks with their owners.

In so far as special skills are concerned, you will need to have "superhero senses when your back is turned", be able to assess nappy sizes at a glance while having a knowledge of Disney characters and their songs.

You will need qualifications in maths, English, music and drama. These will help count rapidly-moving children several times an hour, read stories upside down so everyone can see the pictures, and sing loudly to an attentive and young audience.

Read the nursery's advert in full here.