Anglian Water unveils £425 million investment plan for year ahead

Millions of pounds are set to be invested into reducing leakage, providing '˜top quality' drinking water and protecting against severe weather such as droughts across the East of England.

Some of the schemes over the next 12 months will include £50 million of improving, maintaining and refurbishing hundreds of water treatment works and water recycling centres across our vast estate.

A further £48million will be used to renewing parts of the 37,000km water pipe network and £18million will be used to extend and upgrade the water recycling centres to accommodate the growing population in the East of England.

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Jane Taylor, Head of Customer Services at Anglian Water, said: “Bills are still lower than they were four years ago thanks to the price reductions we promised back then. We’re always doing everything we can to be even more efficient at running the business, which translates into value for money for our customers.

“To strike the right balance we’re continuing to keep costs as low as possible in the long term while still investing heavily in the things customers care about most.”

Anglian Water has said that they have been able to keep bill increases at the level of inflation of 2.2 percent this year because of 'the way it runs the business'.

“For an average of £1.15 per day you get all your clean water for washing and drinking, plus, all your sewerage services is included in the cost, which takes the dirty water away, cleans it and returns it safely to the environment.

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“Water meters are still the best way to save money, and with the average annual metered bill coming in £171 cheaper than customers who don’t use a meter, the savings speak for themselves. It’s a win-win because it’s free to switch to a meter, and if you aren’t completely satisfied you can switch back, for free, within two years, ” she adds.

The investment comes in the third year of a £5 billion commitment to 2020, which will be paid for by average bills of just £1.15 per day for an entire family.

The water company is also carrying out more work to combat flooding and to reduce the impacts of climate change.

Next year 540 billion litres of water will be treated and supplied to customers, before being used and then treated and safely returned to the environment.

It’s an operation that costs around half a million pounds per day to run.