Up to 60 vehicles an hour drive illegally along The Drapery

A traffic study has found that as many as 60 motorists an hour flout rules prohibiting them from driving along The Drapery.

Tuesday, 2nd October 2018, 5:05 pm
Updated Wednesday, 3rd October 2018, 8:24 am
The Drapery

The figures arose from a report about the impact of switching Northampton's bus station from Greyfriars to the present North Gate site.

Town centre manager Derrick Simpson told borough councillors that cars seeking quick routes from All Saints Church to Sheep Street do nothing to help the smooth passage of buses, which use The Drapery as a terminus.

Mr Simpson said: "Northamptonshire County Council have undertaken studies and are aware of the issues and are seeking permission to install ANPR enforcement cameras.

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"This will reduce the number of unauthorised vehicles travelling along the Drapery and will improve traffic flows."

It is understood that the cameras are yet to be deployed, with levels of illegal journeys still numbering between 40 and 60 an hour during the day.

However, both the county council borough council are working together on plans to make Bradshaw Street one way again to improve traffic flows.

But minutes of the June meeting reveal that Mr Simpson told councillors he believes traffic around the bus station now runs quite well.

He said: "Generally, throughout the day the buses flow well, issues only arise when the... ring roads are blocked through accidents or planned works as these then impact on the area around the bus station."

About eight million journeys are now made via North Gate Bus Station each year.

One behaviour change that has clearly come about due to the shift of sites is pedestrians crossing Lady’s Lane and Greyfriars Lane, to avoid the underpasses.

At its peak there were around 150 pedestrians hourly crossing the roads, with the new bus station this number has now reduce to a handful each hour.