Meet the wildlife on your doorstep this Easter with a ticket to Woburn Safari Park

This Easter, Woburn Safari Park offers an escape to the wild plains, jungles and savannahs of Africa without ever leaving the country

Teeming with amazing wildlife, your journey will take you just a windscreen width away from a huge number of endangered and exotic animals, including rhinos, elephants, lions, bears, tigers, zebra and giraffe.

The popular Bedfordshire safari park will see families set off on an unforgettable safari adventure, and enjoy a full day out filled with fun, learning and playtime!

You’ll enjoy great vistas as you journey through the Road Safari as you spot monkeys, zebras, antelopes, buffalo, camels, alpacas and many more. Visitors can repeat the drive-through circuit as many times as they like throughout the day; seeing the animals grazing, sleeping, playing and roaming their spacious parkland home.

Next, park for free and continue the adventure in the Foot Safari, where you’ll find sea lions, lemurs, penguins, meerkats and many other amazing animals. Stop off to watch the fascinating keeper talks and demonstrations throughout the day and get to know the amazing animals even better.


This Easter meet some of your favourite characters, returning to the Park: 

o   Everyone's favourite, Peppa Pig is coming to meet her smallest fans at intervals throughout the day on the 29th March.

o   Hey Duggee  will be stopping off to meet his fans at the Park on the 30th March.

o   On the 31st of March popular character JJ from Cocomelon returns to meet more of his biggest fans.

o   A special guest all the way from Brisbane – Bluey will be coming back to the Park on Monday 1st April.

Book your little explorers on an amazing holiday workshop, perfect for budding conservationists and animal lovers aged 8-17 years of age. Youngsters will love this adventurous day (9am to 3pm) of fun and learning; preparing animal feed, making enrichment and meeting the animals up-close.

Animal news

There are some exciting new arrivals at the Park:

o   Keepers were delighted to announce the birth of an Asian short-clawed otter pup over winter, to first-time mum Beatrix otter and dad Kovu. Named Thiên Thần, meaning ‘Our Sky’, the pup has settled in well and has been seen exploring her new home, closely monitored by mum and dad!

o   California sea lion half-sisters, Kira and Leoni, have welcomed another sealion to their home at Sea Lion Beach. 20 year-old Gala, has been getting on swimmingly with her new pals, she can often be seen to swim through the pool with her flippers in the air whilst ‘barking’.

o   Young male Pesaka becomes the newest addition to join the Eastern mountain bongo herd in the African Forest drive-through in the Road Safari. The move is recommended by the BIAZA (British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquaria) species coordinator, as part of the captive breeding programme to increase the population of this critically endangered species.


Natasha Kyle, Head of Education and Customer Liaison has been working to deliver some significant accessibility advancements at the Park over the past year.  This includes a new Changing Places accessible toilet facility, communication boards, social scripts, and British Sign Language interpretation boards in the Foot Safari. Visitors have also loved the new SEN-Friendly Workshop days for children with additional needs. 

There has also been an accessibility update for the website - with a new assistive technology toolbar. This will help everyone who wants to explore our website, whether they have a disability, learning difficulty, visual impairment or speak English as a second language.

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A ticket to Woburn Safari Park is super value for money and includes access to the Road Safari and Foot Safari, keeper talks and demonstrations, plus loads of indoor and outdoor play areas too.

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