Get your shopping delivered to your door by a robot for just 99p, 'the cheapest delivery option in Northampton'

'Starship’s delivery robots have been widely welcomed and embraced by the local community'

Wednesday, 7th July 2021, 5:02 pm

Co-op customers in certain areas of Northampton can now get their shopping delivered by a robot for just 99p - claimed to be the cheapest delivery option.

Starship Technologies reduced its delivery fee on June 24, after lots of hard work behind the scenes to further autonomise its system, which covers Wootton, Upton and Barry Road.

The 'world-leading provider of autonomous delivery services' confirmed the pricing will remain in place for the rest of the summer with no minimum spend required.

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Starship Technologies' robot delivery service launched in Northampton in November, 2020

A spokesperson said: "Since taking to the streets of Milton Keynes in April 2018 and Northampton in November last year, Starship’s delivery robots have been widely welcomed and embraced by the local community.

"Starship is very proud to be operating in both towns, revolutionising the efficiency of local delivery in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way."

Milk, eggs, bread, bananas and cucumber have been the most popular items delivered by the bots in Northampton, only the second UK town to get the service.

Customers who live within a three-mile radius of the local convenience stores in the relevant areas of Northampton can able to order groceries to be delivered by a robot within an hour.

The robots use a combination of sensors, artificial intelligence and machine learning to travel on pavements and navigate around any obstacles.

To order a robot delivery from the Co-ops in the relevant area, download the ‘Starship - Food Delivery’ app on Android and iOS.