A partial eclipse was seen over the UK today.

Partial eclipse over Northampton in pictures - despite most residents getting a cloudy view

Here are the best snaps from our readers who came prepared to snap the eclipse - or at least didn't have clouds in their way.

By Alastair Ulke
Thursday, 10th June 2021, 1:14 pm

A flurry of cloudy weather put a damper on Northampton' s view of a solar eclipse today - but some residents had more luck than others.

A full third of the sun was blotted out by the moon in a partial solar eclipse that reached its height at 11.15 this morning (June 10).

That is if you had the equipment to view - or if today's cloudy weather didn't get in the way.

While the town wasn't plunged into darkness and treated to the 'Ring of Fire' like viewing parties in Greenland, Canada and Russian would have seen, the rare celestial event was still a special occasion for many.

Here are just a handful of the pictures submitted by the Chronicle & Echo's readers who were ready to capture the once-every-two-years event.

The last major eclipse over Northamptonshire was in March 2015 and the next one is not due until 2025.

A full solar eclipse — where the moon completely blocks out the Sun — was last seen in the UK on August 11, 1999, and was the first since 1927. The next is not due until 2090.

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