Where to find the cheapest petrol and diesel TODAY at supermarkets in Northampton, Corby, Kettering, Wellingborough and Rushden

Retailers accused of ripping off drivers as pump prices vary by up to seven pence per litre between towns

Monday, 23rd May 2022, 12:25 pm

Drivers are being warned they face more pain at the pumps as fuel costs in Northamptonshire soar.

Most supermarkets are selling petrol and diesel at prices just below the national average.

But retailers are still being accused of ripping off motorists by charging way more in towns just a few miles apart as more people struggle with the cost of living crisis.

Pump prices at Asda in Rushden have rocketed by 9p a litre of unleaded since this photo was taken on May 1

A litre of unleaded currently costs seven pence more in Wellingborough than it does in Kettering, where there is extra competition.

MPs will debate a petition on Monday (May 23) calling for a two-year cut in fuel duty and VAT for to combat the cost of living crisis which campaigners say would effectively return pump prices to 2020 levels.

After diesel prices hit record high prices earlier this month, RAC fuel spokesperson Simon Williams said: “Sadly, despite the Chancellor’s 5p a litre duty cut, the average price of a litre of diesel has hit a new record high at 180.29p.

"Efforts to move away from importing Russian diesel have led to a tightening of supply and pushed up the price retailers pay for diesel. While the wholesale price has eased in the last few days this is likely to be temporary, especially if the EU agrees to ban imports of Russian oil.

“Unfortunately, drivers with diesel vehicles need to brace themselves for yet more pain at the pumps.

"Had Mr Sunak reduced VAT to 15 percent as we call on him to do instead of cutting duty by 5p, drivers of diesel vehicles would be around 2p a litre better off, or £1 for every full tank.

"As it is, drivers are still paying 27p VAT on petrol and 29p on diesel, which is just the same as before the Spring Statement.

“The average price of petrol is also on the rise having gone up nearly 3p a litre since the start of the month to 166.65p which means it’s less than a penny away from the all-time high of 167.30p set on 22 March.”

Website petrolprices.com has a handy tool which gives drivers options on where to find the cheapest fuel locally.

So here's where it says you can fill up for a little bit less in Northampton, Kettering, Corby, Rushden and Wellingborough…

■ Unleaded159.7p: Kettering, Sainsbury's

161.7p: Asda, Kettering

162.7p: Morrison's. Kettering

162.9p: Morrisons Northampton

163.9p: Tesco, Weston Favell

164.9p: Tesco Mereway

164.9p: Sainsburys, Weedon Road

165.7p: Morrisons and Asda, Corby

166.9p: Sainsbury's Wellingborough

168.7p: Asda, Rushden

Diesel173.7p: Asda, Kettering

173.9p: Sainsbury's, Kettering

176.7p: Asda, Corby

176.9p: Tesco, Kettering

177.9p: Tesco and Morrisons, Northampton

178.7p: Asda, Rushden

178.9p: Sainsbury's, Weedon Road

179.9p: Sainsbury's, Wellingborough

Prices are those shown on petrolprices.com on Monday (May 23) but may refer to pump prices reported on previous days.