Seven houseplants to brighten your home on grey days

Orchids make an elegant addition to any home especially in the winter (photo: Adobe)Orchids make an elegant addition to any home especially in the winter (photo: Adobe)
Orchids make an elegant addition to any home especially in the winter (photo: Adobe)

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Homes in need of a pick-me-up during the dark and dull days of winter may just benefit from a little bit of greenery.

With beautiful blooms and air purifying qualities, houseplants are an easy way to quickly brighten up a room over some of the shortest days and darkest nights.

The Chinese evergreen plant is one of the most popular choices for dimly lit rooms as it thrives in the shade, and peace lilies are also a great option for darker spots in the house.

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Most houseplants bring various shades of green to a room, but the bird of paradise will literally brighten up a room instantly with its orange beak-shaped flowers.

Homeowners often choose indoor plants as a quick and easy way to brighten up rooms during the darker winter months,” said a Garden Buildings Direct spokesperson.

“Lots of houseplants are easy to care for and provide a beautiful bloom to all areas of your home, and there are some great options for those spots in your house which don’t receive much sunlight. For example, peace lilies favour darker conditions and spiderwort grows well in the shade provided it has enough water.

“And if you’re looking for a houseplant which will instantly brighten up the space, a bird of paradise or an orchid are great options, with their strong colours and tall stems.

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“Anthurium plants are one of the most long-lasting indoor flowers, and provide an exotic red bloom. For wonderful shades of green in your home, try hanging ivy.

“Any kind of houseplant is a great way to help purify the air, which is especially ideal for winter months. Indoor plants and flowers bring a beautiful bloom into all areas of your home, even those which the sun rarely reaches, which will truly help to brighten up even the dullest of days.”

According to gardening experts at the best indoor plants to brighten the home are:

1. Anthurium

2. Orchid

3. Peace lily

4. Bird of paradise

5. Spiderwort

6. Ivy

7. Chinese Evergreen

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