There are plenty of one-bed options on the market in Northampton.

Nine Northampton flats for sale to get you on the property ladder for £110,000 or under

There are plenty of one-bed flats on the market, which could be someone’s perfect first home

Friday, 20th August 2021, 2:06 pm

It is a pretty well known fact that taking that first step onto the property ladder is incredibly difficult.

From saving for a deposit, to being accepted for your first mortgage, there are a lot of hoops to jump through and it can be stressful.

And that is before you even look at the price of properties.

Finding a cheaper option, can alleviate the pressure slightly and give you that highly desired step onto the first rung of the ladder, which will then hopefully lead to more later down the line.

And although there are plenty of high six and seven-figure homes up for sale in Northampton and Northamptonshire, there are also some great options for properties costing much less.

There are several one-bedroom flats around the town, including in the town centre for five-figure sums or low six-figure prices.

Below are nine flats for sale in Northampton for £110, 000 or under.

(Marketed by Rightmove and listed by various estate agents - see picture captions for details).

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