Our readers had their say on where to get your hands on the best quality fish and chips in Northamptonshire.

Where to get the best Good Friday fish and chips in Northamptonshire, according to our readers

A tradition that involves tucking into a generous portion of fish and chips? Of course we must honour it!

Friday, 2nd April 2021, 11:12 am

The tradition of eating fish and chips on Good Friday (April 2) every year stems from the Christian belief that Jesus Christ was crucified on that day, sacrificing his flesh for our sins.

A rule in the Vatican states that, for this reason, Christians must abstain from eating 'fleshy' meat on Good Friday and this tradition has been upheld by devout Christians for centuries.

The rule, however, only refers to meat from 'land animals' so fish does not apply.

Furthermore, the fish symbol (Ichthys) was used to help Christians to identify each other when their religion was persecuted by the Roman Empire in the second to fourth centuries.

Anyway, now you know where the tradition originates, we asked our readers to recommend the best places to get your hands on good quality fish and chips in Northamptonshire and here are the most popular answers!

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