Video: Take a look inside the new Bosko's burger joint in Northampton and meet the owners

"We wanted to give back to the community and give people a good experience. We want people to come here, relax, eat and enjoy themselves"

Wednesday, 17th March 2021, 5:14 pm

Two long-time friends from Northampton are set to open Bosko's burger bar in Wellingborough Road tomorrow (Thursday, March 18), which is priding itself on its "quality" and "fresh" produce, slick branding and "relaxing vibes".

Adnan Nawaz, 34, and Shabz Kazmi, 30, from Kingsthorpe and Moulton, will serve their first customers at midday on Thursday after four months of hard graft creating their stylish new, open-planned restaurant and kitchen.

They said: "We're really excited to be opening our doors to the public. We've spent a long time working on the shop ensuring we create the right vibe for our customers. We also hope they appreciate the attention to detail we have taken towards our menu."

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Shabz, Adnan and Peter outside Bosko's

The pair, who have been friends since they were teenagers and both recently worked at Barclaycard together, in Brackmills, said they are "proper foodies" and explained how the idea for their first joint venture came about.

They said: "We're proper foodies, we want everything on the menu to be good quality. The reason we started is because during Covid we weren't able to travel anywhere for food and we thought something was missing in the town. There's not really anything to eat here, so we would always go to Birmingham, London or Manchester.

"The experience we got in those kinds of places, there's nowhere that really provides that here. We've picked up different ideas from different places and brought it all together. It was a little bit impulsive, it wasn't planned, we actually thought of it in the car.

"We just want to give back to the community and give people a good experience. We want people to come here, relax, eat and enjoy themselves. A calm vibe."

Shabz and Adnan inside Bosko's

The menu includes double Aberdeen Angus beef burgers, Bosko's hot dogs, milkshakes, jalapeno bites, homemade sauces and much more.

When asked what the public can expect from Bosko's, the owners said: "They can expect tasty, fresh food, great customer service and relaxing vibes. When people taste the food, they will see it's good quality and fresh."

And when asked their thoughts on opening during a global pandemic, they said: "The food business has been thriving during Covid. Everyone's got to eat, haven't they?"

Adnan and Shabz have even brought in an ex-Michelin Star chef, who has a wealth of experience and knowledge, to help them provide top-tier food for their customers.

Bosko's interior design

Chef Peter Gorton said: "Shabz and Adnan are both learning, they are being taught by myself in the kitchen and they are throwing themselves into it. I work across the country, and it was a breath of fresh air to come and work with these guys. They've got a good partnership and they're going to be good restauranteurs.

"I'd say Bosko's is fun, clean and clinical. The guys care and take pride in their business. I've asked them what type of place Northampton is and what Northampton wants, and they have told me."

The restaurant will start as a collection only service, then will open for deliveries later on in the year, and then all 12 seats inside the restaurant will be able to accommodate customers after June 21, when all Covid guidelines are set to be lifted.

There are also vegetarian options, which are cooked away from the meat, and a "Mini Boss" kids menu.

Some of what the Bosko menu has to offer

For more information, follow Bosko's on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or visit their website.