Northampton has ranked number 12 in the UK for vegan-friendly takeaways and deliveries.

The top 10 vegan takeaways in Northampton, according to Tripadvisor

A new study has revealed that Northampton is in the top 20 vegan-friendly locations in the UK!

Friday, 5th March 2021, 1:29 pm

Northampton vegans, rejoice! A new study carried out by Exante has revealed that Northampton falls into the top 20 locations for the most vegan-friendly takeaways and deliveries in the UK.

Exante analysed the Tripadvisor data of the most populated places in the UK, calculating the percentage of restaurants in each that offer both delivery and vegan options to work out the most vegan-friendly locations in the UK during lockdown.

Northampton ranked number 12 in the whole of the UK with 97 vegan-friendly restaurants offering delivery, which amounts to a whopping 48 per cent of total restaurants in the town.

We have now rounded up the top ten vegan-friendly takeaways in Northampton so budding vegans will never be short of tasty options!

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