The seven best pubs to visit along Northampton’s Welly Road

Welly Road, Northampton
Welly Road, Northampton

Northampton’s Wellingborough Road is arguably one of the best places for a night out in Northampton.

The Welly Road, as it’s known locally, has built up a strong reputation over the years as a great night out.

Popular with large groups, the infamous pub crawl can take you all evening as the road is jam-packed with watering holes.

Most people start at the top of the Welly Road and work their way down towards the town centre (we recommend Bar So for a cheeky dance in Abington Square as a final stop).

So, after a little bit of weekend research, here is the Chron’s guide to the seven best pubs along the Welly Road.

Just click on the picture gallery above to see the pubs of choice.

Please drink responsibly, it’s a long way to walk (think about your heels/footwear!) and always get home safely.