Northampton nightclubs: Everything you need to know about the town's clubs reopening on Freedom Day

"We're gearing up for a really good week. It's going to be full and have a really good atmosphere."

Friday, 16th July 2021, 8:30 am
Updated Friday, 16th July 2021, 9:14 am

Northampton's nightclubs are 'excited' to reopen next week for the first time since the Covid pandemic hit the UK in March 2020.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson told the country on Monday (July 12) that the lifting of restrictions in England will go ahead on July 19 as planned, meaning nightclubs can reopen.

"The success of the vaccine rollout so far means that we can lift restrictions next week as planned," the Prime Minister said.

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Urban Tiger (top left), Bar So (top right), NB's bottom. Photo: Google

But he also said: “I can’t say it powerfully or emphatically enough: this pandemic is not over. This disease continues to carry risks for you and your family.

“We cannot simply revert instantly from Monday July 19 to life as it was before Covid."

Chronicle & Echo spoke to some of the busiest nightclubs in the town to see what their plans are ahead of 'Freedom Day'.


The Bridge Street nightclub boss Marc Sawyer said he 'can't wait' for the popular club to reopen again fully.

He said: "We're gearing up for a really good week. It's going to be full and have a really good atmosphere. It's going to be nice for people to get out and have some fun.

"We're opening on Friday and Saturday next weekend, so come down and enjoy yourselves - it's been so long since everyone was able to."

Marc said if the restrictions were to carry on for much longer then NB's might have had to close down for good.

He said: "We're literally hanging on by the skin of our teeth money wise. All reserves are gone, so if the restrictions were extended I don't know if we would have survived."

Although the restrictions have been lifted, Marc added that there is still some ambiguity over living with Covid going forward.

He added: "We're still not 100 percent sure about the rules but we are getting it clarified. We are hoping it will be just like it used to be before the pandemic."

Urban Tiger

The Wellingborough Road gentleman's club joint owner, Gary McManus, said the establishment will be reopening next week.

He said: "We have been closed for more than a year so it's really exciting to open back up again and we are just hopeful, like everyone else, that once the vaccines have been rolled out it will be the end of any further lockdowns.

"We still want to be Covid safe. We are waiting for advice to understand where nightclubs are going in terms of Covid safety including whether people need to be double jabbed, for example. Whatever the advice, we will honour it.

"It's quite crucial for the business that we are going to see the end of lockdown and restrictions."

The pub and club boss said table service is one positive which will stay in place, but that it will also be nice for people to be able to drink standing at the bar again.

Club manager Daniella said: "Excited to open is an understatement. I'm not sure it will even feel real until Monday night!

"We can't wait to welcome people back through the doors. We want the public to know that we are opening stronger than ever, with lots of new additions to the team.

"The last year has been tough but we have made it through. I am nothing but proud of the team to get to this point."

Bar So

The popular bar in Wellinborough Road is set to open on Monday (July 19).

Bar So manager Gary Shelton said: "We're hoping it will be busy on Monday, but we think the weekend will be when it's really busy.

"It's been a long time since were we open so we are excited to see customers again! They can get served at the bar again and we'll be open from 9pm to 3am."

In terms of Covid safety, the manager said there will be hand sanitizers in place and people can wear masks if they wish to.