Northamptonshire Influencers: 18 personalities you should be following on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook

Lifestyle, fitness, mental health, fashion, gaming and football: these are just a few topics covered by our local influencers, who each touch our lives in their own way.

Influencers are people who build a reputation for having knowledge or expertise on a particular topic. They have the power to influence decisions we make and this can be anything from purchasing products, shaping our views on certain subjects or even altering our lifestyle choices.

Some start out only with a desire to share their love for something online. Others do it to feel part of a community or support their small businesses so they can make a living.

We have scoured the internet for the most influential names in Northamptonshire to bring you a list of personalities you should follow on social media.

It was very difficult to shortlist as there were many deserving people with dedicated audiences. Do you recognise any of these faces?