IN PICTURES: Artist captures the stories of Northampton under lockdown in moving photography project

"I want to document this historical time of crisis."

By Alastair Ulke
Friday, 12th June 2020, 7:21 am

The faces and stories of Northampton's households as they live through the coronavirus lockdown has been captured in an online photography project.

Over the last five weeks, artist Fleur Debruyne has taken hundreds of pictures of Northampton's residents as they learn to live through one of the most unprecedented events in modern history.

From newborn babies delivered under quarantine to families who have had to cope with grief, the mum-of-two has cycled from house-to-house across Northampton collecting the stories of our town during the Covid-19 lockdown and sharing them on a Facebook page.

Now, Fleur has chosen 15 of her Lockdown Portraits to share with the Chronicle & Echo ahead of an exhibition she will hold when the crisis is over.

Fleur said: "As an artist, I didn't just want a glossy photo - I wanted something that tells a story.

"It became a good excuse just to go and see people and talk to them about how they're doing.

"I tell people it's absolutely free because I want to photograph as many people as possible, and be inclusive and democratic. I want to document this historical time of crisis."

For many of her pictures, Fleur was invited by visitors to her Facebook page to come and visit them for a social-distancing photo shoot at their home.

But on her bicycle rides to each job, Fleur says she also often saw someone going about their lives who she would stop and ask for a picture.

Now, the mum-of-two has built up a portfolio of over 180 portraits of Northampton's people on her page, and aims to bring them to exhibition when the lockdown ends, as well as publish a book.

Fleur said: "there have been 21st birthdays, there have been newborn babies, there have been couples who were supposed to get married. But a lot of people have been elderly people who have been on their own all this time.

"A lot of people have been very lonely too. It's been a struggle for many. But I've really enjoyed talking to people."

To see more of Fleur's portraits, or to invite her to photograph your lockdown story, visit her Facebook page at -

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