'We are very lucky to have her': Former Northampton carnival organiser lights up house for Cynthia Spencer

For years, Ann Williams has been hosting a Christmas fair at her home to raise money for the hospice, after losing two daughters and her husband to cancer
Hannah pictured with her mum, Ann.Hannah pictured with her mum, Ann.
Hannah pictured with her mum, Ann.

A former Northampton town carnival organiser is putting on a magical display of Christmas lights outside her home - with all donations going to Cynthia Spencer.The inspirational woman has raised over £10,000 through previous Christmas fairs by putting on a Santas grotto for the children in the neighbourhood among other eye catching displays including a miniature Victorian village and raffles.

This year, because of coronavirus restrictions, she is instead lighting up her home to give back to the charity who have helped her to care for her daughters Heidi and Julie.

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After having their own children respectively, Ann and her late husband Roy adopted five more, including Hannah when she was a 12-year-old girl.

The display can be found in Lumbertubs LaneThe display can be found in Lumbertubs Lane
The display can be found in Lumbertubs Lane

"I thought my mum's story is so unique," Hannah said. "I wanted to share why she came up with this idea so people can still enjoy the Christmas spirit.

"After all this she still wants to give back to the people who have helped our family and she was devastated to think we couldn't do our charity event due to the pandemic.

"So we got our heads together and have decided to to put on a light show outside the front of my mum's house with and option for the public to donate and we hope to raise a nice amount."

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Ann and her partner Alan, have dressed their home in Lumbertubs Lane, in thousands of lights , which took them about four days in total to put up with a donation box on their driveway.

They are also running a competition for the children - through an app, with details listed on their driveway - where they can count the all the snowmen they can see.

Hannah said: "We have always made minced pies and hot drinks for everyone that comes along to support the charity, and my mum.

"As you can imagine it has always been a very big job. My mum is turning 80 next year and has always been a big part of the Northamptonshire community.

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"Cancer has been a big part of her life and after all she has been through my mum got her diagnosis of breast cancer, but through everything, she made sure she could do her charity work.

"I don't know how she does it really. Now, I have got my own children it brings a bigger appreciation to her and what she did.

"When I look at her now she does not look any different from when we met her as our mother, she is such a strong person."