IN PICTURES: Hundreds of babies across Northamptonshire are experiencing their first ever Christmas

Many readers sent in pictures of their little ones, who were born this year so are experiencing their first Christmas and they are all so adorable!

Tuesday, 29th December 2020, 10:52 am
We received over 600 photos of Northamptonshire babies experiencing their first Christmas this year!

Whilst thousands of residents across the county open presents, pull crackers and enjoy their Christmas dinners as part of their yearly festive routine, some will be experiencing this special day for the very first time.

People tend to not remember their first Christmas, being so young, but the perfect way to keep those magical memories alive is through taking plenty of pictures!

Hundreds of you kindly sent in pictures of your little ones enjoying their first Christmas and, after completing the hardest task of narrowing them down into one small gallery, we are happy to share with you a few of our favourites:

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Sofia Holly Marie Goodger, aged eight months. Born on April 9 2020.
Rosa Coral Pattison, aged five months. Born on July 26 2020.
Noah, aged 6 months. Born on June 26 2020.
Bethany, aged 10 months. Born February 25 2020.
Jack Longstaff, eight months old.
Hiro, aged 9 months.
Amaya Grace, aged 11 months.
Arthur, aged seven months.
Theo, aged five months.
Dolly Rose, aged two months. Born October 16 2020.
Freddie Hodgkins, aged 10 months.
Saije McNeill, aged nine months. Born on March 31 2020.
Bonnie Allen, aged eight months. Born on April 11 2020.
Teddy James Fraser, aged eight months. Born on April 1 2020.
Elijah O'Dell, aged three months. Born on September 8 2020.
Bleu Walker, aged eight months. Born on April 1 2020.
Clara-Grace Connor, aged 11 months. Born on January 20 2020.
Ronnie George Robert Lynes, aged four months. Born on August 15 2020.