Northampton vegan cookie business needs your help to give boxes of treats to care leavers this Christmas

"A high number of care leavers often spend Christmas on their own and it's great that we can be a part of something that is just for them."

By Megan Hillery
Friday, 17th December 2021, 3:38 pm

A Northampton-based vegan cookie business has launched a campaign to provide care leavers with a sweet treat this Christmas.

MoMa's Cookies was launched by founder, Hulda Adao, alongside partners Junior Joto and Katya Pires, in July 2020.

The idea stemmed from when Hulda started baking in November 2019 and Junior, after tasting her cookies, suggested that she should start selling them.

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You can help to donate a box of vegan cookies to care leavers this Christmas.

Since its launch, MoMa's cookies have gone strength to strength, donating a percentage of their sales to a range of charities and now they are collaborating with Right Resolution CIC to launch a 'Donate a Box' campaign that will see care leavers provided with festive treats to enjoy this Christmas.

Hulda said: "My relationship with Right Resolution CIC goes back a couple of years because I used to work for them.

"There, I saw a gap with things we don't tend to consider - for example, sanitary products.

"No one usually thinks of donating those for care leavers or a box of cookies as a treat - there would be no reason why people would think to give cookies, chocolates and things like that to care leavers."

Katya Pires and Hulda Adao.

Their vegan cookies come in four different flavours including original, triple chocolate, ‘volcano velvet’ and coconut, macadamia and lime. Recent seasonal treats included 'pumpkin spice' for Halloween and, more recently, 'Christmas cookie'. All orders arrive in environmentally friendly packaging.

MoMa's cookies has an advocacy programme, whereby people choose a charity to support and offer a 10 percent discount code to anyone who buys a box.

Within this programme, advocates have supported many charities including The Hope Centre, Right Resolution and The Lowdown.

The cookie company additionally collaborated with Right Resolution for National Care Leavers Week in October to supply care leavers with a baking kit so that they could bake their own cookies at home.

Director of Right Resolution CIC, Amarjit Pawar, said: "The campaign will help provide a nice treat at Christmas.

"It's been a tough year for a lot of people especially young people. A high number of care leavers often spend Christmas on their own and it's great that we can be a part of something that is just for them.

"Having already worked in collaboration with Moma's Cookies during Care Leavers Week, the care leavers have always enjoyed receiving the baking kits. This time, it's nice to be able to provide a box at Christmas."

Hulda added: "I want to give a huge shoutout to the team at Right Resolution - they are only a team of three but they are doing so much to support care leavers and I just want to work with them to help give care leavers the best Christmas ever."

To donate a box of cookies to care leavers, visit