Sainsbury'; s (Grosvenor centre) re-opens after a 12 day refit. Long serving staff members help with the opening of the store....Names & Service front-back: Valetta Maycock (40), Kay Isles (39), Janice Cave (38), Margaret Stonton (31), Mary Kiely (31), Chris Grant (30), Helen Ludlow (30), Heather Simmons (29), Linda Gibbons (28)

The final goodbye: Archive pictures show the heart of Northampton Sainsbury's workers as store closes its doors for the last time

We take a look back at some of the highlights of the town's longest-serving supermarkets

Sunday, 7th March 2021, 5:30 am

Sainsbury's in the Grosvenor Centre shut up shop yesterday (Saturday) leaving memories to last a lifetime.

The Chron has been snapping away for years at some of the town's most-loved grocery workers as they geared up to take on fundraising feats and sometimes slightly embarrassing challenges to raise money for on-the-doorstep charities.

Reporters have delved into the archives to find the best bits from Sainsbury's recent history at Northampton's Grosvenor Centre as the town says goodbye to the shop for the final time.

From charity head shaves, hunting down bananas in the shopping centre, racing miles for good causes - there isn't much the teams haven't done over the years to help and have fun.

The move forms part of Sainsbury's cost-cutting measures to close up to 15 supermarkets before 2021 in a bid to save them £500 million.

The much-loved store has been a staple in the Grosvenor Centre for years and will be missed by many.

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