The Market Square used to be packed with popular drinking spots.The Market Square used to be packed with popular drinking spots.
The Market Square used to be packed with popular drinking spots.

These are 13 historic pubs that once existed in Northampton's Market Square - how many do you remember?

The Market Square has been the fulcrum of Northampton for many hundreds of years.

It may surprise you to know that the market, in 1189, was first formed on the grounds of All Saints Church before it uprooted and moved to its current location in Market Square in 1235 after Henry III forbade the selling of goods in the churchyard of All Saints.

Since then, the Market Square has been a witness to two huge scale fires, which damaged some of the most popular pubs at the time.

In 1516 the town was destroyed by a blaze for the first time, and then again in 1675 during The Great Fire of Northampton which devestated the town centre - destroying over 600 buildings in just six hours.

Residents raised around £25,000 towards rebuilding the town centre and it's pubs based around the Market Square, Northampton Borough Council cite.

Local pub historian, Dave Knibb, claims that there have been “two dozen pubs and inns associated with the Market Square”, and maybe more lost in the mists of time.

He said: “There are names like the Prince In Armour and the Bishops Blaize, which were never rebuilt after the 'Great Fire' in 1675, and the Talbot, was named in 1585 as one of Northampton's 'ancient inns', it was on the corner of Newland (now the Grosvenor Centre) and, again, perished in the fire.”

Later on, in 1873, the town’s Cattle Market was built on the Square, in 1913 King George V visited and during the Second World War, the Square was used for War Weapon Weeks to raise money for Spitfires, Warships and Tanks.

If only the cobbles could talk.

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