Northampton's The Deco theatre brings history to life in 'emotional' play about three brothers killed in World War Two

The play portrays the true story passed on by surviving brother Frank Every

By Max Pearson
Wednesday, 3rd November 2021, 4:19 pm
Frankie Every (Left) and Jack Every (Right) get fresh portrayals in the play.
Frankie Every (Left) and Jack Every (Right) get fresh portrayals in the play.

An amateur play is launching on the professional stage at The Deco theatre in Northampton, telling the 'emotional' true story of three brothers killed in war.

'The Every Brothers - Their Story' follows the real history of the Every family, who were evacuated from Paddington during World War Two to live in Roade, Northampton. It takes audiences through the true story of how three sons went to war and not one came back.

The play was first performed to a sold-out audience back in 2019, receiving a standing ovation at the end.

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As his first play Ron Johnson (second on the right) says he has been blown away by the audience reaction.

It is written by Ron Johnson, a former councillor in Northampton and current archivist at the Roade Local History Society. He says that he was so touched by the story that he simply had to share it.

He said: "Some years ago, Frank Every deposited his family papers with us. As archivist I catalogued the items and knew there was a story to be told about Frank’s older brothers who had all signed up, but never came home. Tom, William and Jack Every are commemorated on Roade war memorial.

"The play depicts the effects the war had on the whole family, for mum, dad and the brothers, and features letters home from theatres of war, a prisoner of war camp and notification of the award of a Military Medal to one of the boys. It shows the strength of the family bond, even in times of great sorrow, and their will to carry on.

"Mum and dad, Win and Thomas, were evacuated from Paddington to Roade, and finished their days in Northampton. We are determined they will not be forgotten.

Brodie Stewart will portray the one surviving brother Frankie Every who is the reason this story gets to be told.

"I have written and composed many songs as I was a guitar and keyboard player before my disability hit. But this is my first attempt at a play. It was staged at Elizabeth Woodville School here in Roade in 2019 to a sold-out audience and received a standing ovation, so fingers crossed for The Deco."

The gravity of the tale seems to have left its mark on the cast as well, who have thrown themselves into the roles.

Jay Lucas, who directs the play and also portrays the father, Thomas Every, said: “It was an honour to be asked to support this beautiful play again and it has been a privilege to bring it to life at such a prestigious local theatre.”

Jo Nutt, who plays the mother, Winifred Every, added: “It's been a very poignant experience performing in The Every Brothers. Playing someone real who experienced such tragedy is very humbling.

"There are a few lighter moments, but it is quite emotional and quite sad."

Jake Holder, who plays the brother William Every, continued: “This is my first show outside of school or my theatre group. I can’t thank everyone enough for the experience. Performing in the Every Brothers production will be a moment to remember."

Tickets are still available from The Deco box office for the play's Remembrance Sunday return on November 14th at 7.30pm.