Proud mum describes Northampton university clinic as ‘lifesavers’ for dancing daughters

Both dancers went on to succeed in competitions at both national and international levels after receiving treatment by the student-run clinic

Friday, 15th July 2022, 4:43 pm

The healing hands at a student-led clinic at the University of Northampton (UON) helped two dance-mad sisters leap their way to international success.

Budding dancers, Chloe-Anne and Alison Woolley, take their classes and contest preparation seriously. They practice up to four times a week and sometimes for three hours at each session so they need to keep their limbs in tip-top condition.

However, in the run up to two top-level events, the dancers were plagued by “niggling” aches and pains that were putting them off their steps.

Chloe-Anne Woolley.

Chloe-Anne said: “I didn’t think the problem was anything more than something unimportant and in the background that I just had to deal with.

“But I take my dancing very seriously, so Mum and I felt I should get whatever it was checked out.”

Their mum, Karen - who is a senior lecturer in physical education - brought her daughters to UON’s recently opened Sports Rehabilitation and Conditioning Clinic, sending undiagnosed injuries that could develop into something serious.

The clinic sees students on the university’s sports rehabilitation and conditioning course provide affordable healthcare to those who need it. The students are overseen by a qualified supervisor to ensure safe and professional standards and practice are maintained.


Students quickly identified that Chloe-Anne had a hip flexor injury and Alison had a problem with the muscles in her lower leg.

Chloe-Ann continued: “The Clinic team were very professional and didn’t seem like students. They gave me a proper consultation and explained everything very clearly.

“If I hurt myself in future, I would probably call on them again as the first place I’d go to.”

Alison added: “They saw me, talked with me, and knew exactly what the problem was and what to do.

“They tried lots of different treatments and gave me exercises to complete at home and followed up with me to make sure I didn’t forget what to do. I had a quicker recovery than I expected, and I have a lot more confidence in myself, so I would definitely go back to the Clinic.”

Both dancers went on to succeed in competitions at both national and international levels.

Chloe-Anne came 16th out of 53 competitors at the Dance World Cup in San Sebastian and Alison also hit the heights of the All England finals, receiving honours for her Modern solo dance. Both are in the All England grand finals in High Wycombe at the end of this month.

Chloe-Anne said: “It was cool dancing in the World Cup. I’ve never done anything like that before and it was a real honour to take part and represent England.”

Proud mum Karen adds: “Not only is the Clinic an amazing opportunity for our students to hone their skills and understanding, but they were absolute lifesavers for my daughters.

“They wouldn’t be in either competition if the university students hadn't treated them.”