Northampton man praises fitness classes for helping him improve physical and mental health during pandemic

"It sounds cheesy but you do make friends as well and you help each other and spur each other on. I can't recommend it enough."

Friday, 9th April 2021, 3:42 pm
Updated Friday, 9th April 2021, 4:14 pm

A 36-year-old man from Abington has praised his fitness classes in Northampton over the pandemic after they have helped him improve his physical and mental health.

This newspaper has teamed up with Get Fit Today - a fitness company which runs boot camps, personal training and park sessions across Northampton - to promote the importance of health, fitness and diet, especially during the pandemic.

Edd Messenger is over 20-stone and decided to get into fitness back in January 2020, because although he liked sport he struggled to participate on a regular basis, which was both due to his weight and lack of self-motivation.

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Edd (middle right)

Edd said: "I'm a big guy, I have always liked doing doing sport but struggled to motivate myself. Being overweight is a worry during the pandemic, which made me want to get fit even more.

"I went to Get Fit Today for a free trial and it was one of the hardest things I have done but Owen and Pete, the co-owners, were very good.

"There was such a mix of people and there are different groups for different fitness levels too."

Edd said that up until December 2020 he had lost two stone but over Christmas, winter and lockdown a lot of weight went back on.

Edd says the classes have improved his physical and mental health

He said: "Since the end of lockdown, at the end of March this year, I have been getting back into some sort of fitness again, going twice a week for hour sessions. I think the weight will come back off quickly.

"Personally, I can't motivate myself. I would not be doing anything if I didn't have something like this. I just get in the car, get there and since I am there I don't have time to worry about motivation."

The sessions Edd attends are the ones at Abington Park, which he says is a "beautiful" place to train, but there are also classes at Grange Park and St Crispins.

Edd added: "The only motivation I need is to get to Abington Park. When you're there you don't have to think because Owen and Pete have really well-thought out sessions.

A class at Abington Park

"It's not just good for your physical health but for your mental health too. There's nothing more beautiful than running around Abington Park. It's lovely.

"It sounds cheesy but you do make friends as well and you help each other and spur each other on. I can't recommend it enough."

Edd said he burns a minimum of 500 calories each class and said anyone thinking about getting fit should "give it a go".

Pete Gill, Get Fit Today co-owner, said: "Edd joined us last year with the goal to lose some weight and over the summer, despite lockdown, he managed to drop two stone, which was incredible. He was encouraged along by a few friends who were also joining at the time and had stayed with us ever since

The Get Fit Today instructors

"He is a great guy with a really good attitude towards fitness and a strong determination to continue losing weight."

Owen Thomas, Get Fit Today co-owner, said: "When Edd came he was quite overweight and just wanted to get fit. After lockdown he's now back and going through the process of losing weight again.

"I think it's the group dynamic he enjoys. He's getting there, enjoying it and seeing progress, and when you start seeing progress the motivation goes up. He just keeps coming back and I think he's seeing the results.

"My main message is that our sessions are fun. You will come, have fun and get fitter. It's a win win."

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