Northampton charity worker to abseil down the lift tower for tinnitus in memory of husband

The charity worker's husband sadly took his life 10 years ago because he was unable to get the support he needed for his severe tinnitus

Thursday, 24th June 2021, 2:55 pm

A Northampton charity worker will abseil down the National Lift Tower next month in memory of her husband.

Deafconnect charity worker, Linda Mitchell, will conquer the "tower of terror" on July 3 to raise awareness of tinnitus after her late husband, Glen, took his own life 10 years ago because he was unable to get the help and support he needed to cope with his severe tinnitus.

Linda said: "Ten years after Glen’s death, one in 10 people are still not getting the right information and support.

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Charity worker at Deafconnect, Linda Mitchell.
Charity worker at Deafconnect, Linda Mitchell.

"In extreme cases like Glen’s, some are still being driven to suicide.

"Whilst there is currently no cure, there is plenty that can be done to help people learn to manage and live with their symptoms."

Tinnitis is a sensation of noise that has no external source. A common misconception is that tinnitus is just an annoying ringing sound in an individual's ears.

According to charity, Deafconnect, 7.1 million UK adults who have it are not troubled by it but one in 10 tinnitus sufferers have symptoms that can be severely distressing and life debilitating.

Linda Mitchell.

Linda will be raising funds for Northants Tinnitus Support, a service run by Deafconnect. They run groups and guest talks with people who suffer with tinnitus as well as one-one-support for those who are new to tinnitus, whose symptoms have got worse and those who cannot make it to group activities.

The service also provides information about medical treatments and therapies that can help and education so that loved ones can support those suffering with tinnitus.

Linda continued: "People struggling with tinnitus need to know they are not alone.

"What they are experiencing can have a massive impact on their mental wellbeing and they need to know that they are being listened to, their feelings and thoughts validated, and that there is help available.

"They need hope that there is a future where tinnitus is not destroying or ruling their lives. They need accurate advice and information. This is why Northants Tinnitus Support is such a vital lifeline for many."

Northants Tinnitus Support is one of many services provided by Deafconnect. Linda was running the Hard of Hearing Service and, last year, asked the Big Lottery Community Fund if they could bring the NTS into the HOH project so that it would also be funded - they agreed.

The funding, however, is time limited and Deafconnect is restricted by how the money is spent. This is why Linda is fundraising to secure the future of the service and to make sure that those suffering from tinnitus get the support they need.

If you want to make a donation towards Linda's fundraiser, visit

For more details, support or advice, please contact: Northants Tinnitus Support by calling 07817 006817, emailing [email protected] or visiting their website at