Forbes lists Northampton NHS employee as one of top 30 healthcare leaders under the age of 30

Tremaine Richard Noel developed a digital automation that monitored oxygen levels for coronavirus patients 24/7 without human intervention at the start of the pandemic

Friday, 28th May 2021, 10:30 am

Forbes Magazine has listed a Northampton NHS employee as one of the 30 top leaders under the age of 30 in the healthcare category across Europe.

Head of emerging technology at Northampton General Hospital, Tremaine Richard-Noel, 29, was honoured in Forbes' Science and Healthcare category for his work in leading the advancement of technical adoption across the NHS, including robotic process automation. His work, as a result, has improved productivity and has lead to improved patient care and staff efficiencies nationwide.

Tremaine described his recognition by Forbes as "surreal news." He said: "It still hasn’t quite sunk in! Waking up to find out I’d received such a prestigious honour makes me and my family very proud.

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Head of emerging technology at Northampton General Hospital, Tremaine Richard-Noel.

"I’m excited by the potential of automation within the NHS and the benefits we can provide to both patients and staff across the country.”

Tremaine is also programme director of the NGH Automation Accelerator, which is an innovation programme that focusses on encouraging and supporting automation adoption throughout the organisation.

The programme is working with over 12 NHS trusts nationwide and it has identified opportunities to repurpose over half a million hours via automations over the next five years.

Tremaine developed a digital automation for 24/7 oxygen monitoring back in March 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic. The team worked through the night and, in just 12 hours, created an automatic process that allowed them to monitor oxygen levels 24 hours a day without human intervention. This meant that more staff could see to other patients elsewhere.

Prior to his current role, Tremaine served within the NHS as both a shadow non-exec director and a deputy lead governor in acute and mental health trusts. He is now working on further automation advancements within the NHS including an automation to reduce waiting times for patients.

Tremaine aspires to leverage technologies to tackle tough issues, such as discipline inequality, and he hopes to become a leader in healthcare on a global scale. Tremaine, who is already considered a thought leader in the field of automation, is a regular guest speaker at events worldwide.

You can read the Forbes entry here: