Crack team of Northampton first-aid responders will be on call for 72 hours on Easter weekend

The South Northants Community Responders have saved hundreds of lives by reaching medical emergencies ahead of the ambulance

Monday, 22nd March 2021, 10:14 pm
Updated Tuesday, 23rd March 2021, 7:40 am

A team of highly trained first aid volunteers who save lives every day in Northampton will be on call for 72 hours straight throughout Easter weekend.

The South Northants Community Responders will be on duty around the clock starting from midday on April 2 and will not stop until Monday as part of a fundraising 'Respondathon'.

The crack team of 42 first-aiders are volunteers who help lift some of the pressure off the 999 service by rushing to incidents and always making sure there is someone there when emergency strikes.

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Their fast-response cars are kitted out with triage gear and even a defibrillator and work to save lives until an ambulance can arrive.

The team has helped save hundreds of lives in at the scene of cardiac and respiratory attacks, but are often able to stay with family after the ambulance leaves and help they understand what happens next.

Coordinator Lee Attwood said: "A lot of people don't know who we are until we're stepping through the door.

"No one knows when they will be calling an ambulance but it can affect anyone at any time.

"We want to raise awareness of who we are and build that trust so people know we're here to help if we arrive at an emergency."

This Easter Weekend, the SNCR volunteers have coordinated to make sure they are available to help the 999 service around the clock

They're hope the 'Respondathon' will help Northampton's residents see the work they do and highlight how they rely continuous fundraising.

Lee said: "A lot of us are excited for this weekend. We think it's a really nice thing to do and it's just a way to get our name out there so people understand what a community first responder is."

To donate to SNCR fundraising, visit their PayPal page.

Residents can also chip in at the team's EasyDonate page or by texting in.

To donate £3, text SNC4 to 70331; To donate £5, text SNC4 to 70970; To donate £10, text SNC4 to 70191.