FOLLOW LIVE: As country goes into 'Lockdown 2', Northamptonshire health chiefs give updates on the latest Covid-19 situation

Public Health Northamptonshire to reveal latest number of cases across county

By David Summers
Friday, 6th November 2020, 2:50 pm
Director of health, Lucy Wightman
Director of health, Lucy Wightman

With the nation now in lockdown two, Public Health Northamptonshire director of health, Lucy Wightman, will give an update on the latest number of cases in the county. Local politicians will also give their reaction to the Prime Minister's announcement.

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The press conference starts at 3pm. Remember to refresh the story for the latest updates.

LIVE: Today’s Covid-19 press conference

Last updated: Friday, 06 November, 2020, 15:43

  • The latest number of Covid-19 cases in Northamptonshire
  • Updates from police and local authorities on how lockdown has impacted our communities

Looks like the press conference is starting to come to an end.

Laura Coffey from BBC Northampton asked Cllr Griffiths whether he was disappointed about the news of the national lockdown? He replied that there had been a tremendous effort in Wellingborough but there is more to do to drive those figures down further.

Now Cllr Martin Griffiths from Wellingborough Council is praising the efforts of volunteer groups across the borough and the county.

Deborah Needham, from the acute hospitals, there were 87 patients who were Covid positive across both hospitals and six were in intensive care.

Kevin Nicholls from the Chron asked about the number of patients in hospital and was there an indication about the numbers in the ICU department.

Ms Wightman said the county was the second area in the east midlands to develop a local service. When we took over with a local system - taking on the cases that the national system couldn’t. Over 83% of cases are now followed up which is a much better result. There are people who sadly refuse to engage with the process, Ms Wightman said.

Ms Wightman said locally that the view was that the national system was letting us down. It wasn’t good enough at that time - August - particularly when we had the Greencore outbreak. 

Carly Odell from the Chron asked Lucy Wightman about the local track and trace funding and how has it been used. And what is the view on the national track and trace on how effective has that been?

Ms Wightman said it was around household transmissions - both within and between different households.

Stuart Ratcliffe asked Ms Wightman about the figures in East Northamptonshire increasing and was there any particular reason?

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