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Friday, 7th August 2020, 2:30 pm
Extra testing facilities have been deployed across the county. Photo: Getty Images

Northamptonshire County Council will hold its weekly press conference at 3pm on Friday to explain latest measures taken to slow "rising rates of Covid-19" infection in the county. Refresh your browser to get the latest updates here ...

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Northamptonshire County Council weekly Covid-19 briefing

Last updated: Friday, 07 August, 2020, 16:01

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Clrr Jonathan Nunn, NBC leader

We are still very much on the government’s watch list.

Extremely grateful to those organisations who have introduced processes to track people. 

It’s a challenge for some smaller businesses to challenge customers for this information. But our message must be clear that if you go into an establishment and they do not offer you the opportunity to leave your track and trace details then that business does not have your safety at heart.

An update from Director of Public Health Lucy Wightman

Data shows coronavirus infection rate in Northampton is above national and regional average.

Focus of alert activity is now Castle Ward, Abington Ward, Brookside, Delapre and Briar Hill.

Ise Lodge in Kettering, boroughs of Corby and Wellingborough are also focused areas of activity

Extra advice on social distance now extended to Wellingborough and Kettering

Limit contact with other households outside your own, avoid public transport and car sharing wherever possible, work from home if you can

There was a gradual decline in number of cases in county until June but that has since been reversed.

Upward trending cases in most areas in the county in week to August 2.

Must recognise will naturally find more cases because we have ramped up testing but we would expect this to be short-lived if we have contained the virus.

Kettering and Northampton are significantly higher when compared per 100,000 of the population.

We are making sure we have an early-warning squad that can track changes in the data

We are tracking the situation daily based on the intelligence we have, taking action to manage Covid-19 in our communities. Park of this is communicating with you, the residents of Northamptonshire.

We need to encourage businesses in the hospitality industry to remain Covid-19 secure.

We’ve got a number of issues that are not unique to Northampton or Northamptonshire. 

Northampton has a couple of the most deprived areas in the country where people are maybe less literate. We need to make sure we are communicating with those people to get our message across.

Must not paint the wrong picture. Most business and customers are complying with this. But as so often it’s the odd one which makes a difference to the big pictures.

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